Centre for Disease Control (CDC) jobs and Salaries in Kenya



Centre for Disease Control (CDC) is one of the best paying NGOs in Kenya. The institution offers competitive salaries for any kind of job they assign individuals, which also attract benefits.

Jobs at CDC are mostly for statisticians, data analysts, nurses, epidemiologists, doctors, monitoring and evaluation officers and project managers. The vacancies are advertised periodically through their website.

Most of the jobs are offered on contract but they pay handsomely. With a diploma in statistics, an individual is able to earn up to Ksh75, 000 per month while the starting salary of a degree in statistics earn a starting salary of Ksh 77,000 per month.

At CDC, the salary is often attractive as a professional accumulating more experience within the institution. With a three years experience, a degree in monitoring and evaluation or statistics, you are able to earn Ksh130,000-Ksh180,000.

If you are employed as a field officer, with a diploma in research related courses, your average salary is Ksh 35,000-Ksh55, 000.

Junior Mangers earn Ksh 150,000-Ksh250,000 while senior managers with masters and PhD earn Ksh 250,000-Ksh400,000.