Amount of money you can make from Academic writing in Kenya per month, testimonies


Academic writing are some of the jobs youths do in Kenya to earn a living. In a month, one can earn in excess of Ksh150, 000.In a good month, the amount can exceed Ksh300, 000.The amount of money earned is dependent on one’s efforts. Academic writing jobs pay Ksh200 to Ksh2, 500 per page. In a day the average number of pages one can write is 10, meaning that you can make Ksh2000 and above every day, translating to over Ksh60,000 per month.

Here are testimonies of Kenyans revealing how much money they earn through academic writing:

****Kuna beste yangu alianza ki mchezo ,jamaa hako syokimau kwake mimi.niko tu hapa pipeline.nikibishana na wazee wa chapati na mama wa omena

****Writing is collapsing, we quit job utashtuka sana… So many players in it.. good for raising capital but it is volatile. From may to August utasota kama saitan… We chochwa tu, utabuy account ubid mpaka vidole ziishe finger prints.

****Ati writing is perishing,if you knew the opportunities for earning in the internet space ungequit salaried employment at once.

**** You guys,sio ati watu wenye hufanya ii writing huringa ama anything,hua naskia watu wakisema ata uwaulize hawawezi kuonyesha but ukweli ni ati the moment you ask someone venye utaanza ata yeye hajui akujibu aje,because izi jobs za online theu are somehow inborn,ni kitu iko ndani yako,its not something unaweza anza overnight.As much as ni pesa writing na mambo ya online ni somekind of personality.

**** Different strokes for Different folks as as luck, he could try to start small like a part time then when it picks do it as a full time job. Am sure that friend has been doing it for years and years and don’t forget the minute the that market gets flooded prices will start going down so fast.

**** Before you quit your job ask yourself these two kweshens…

1. Are you as good a writer as they are?

2. Are you as self disciplined and self motivated as they are?

***** please admin tell somebody that writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. if you are not ready to sacrifice your sleep, time, if you are not ready to go extra mile, ka hupendi kupigiwa simu katikati ya usiku, and if you are lazy, please bakia huko kwa career path.

***** My younger brother introduced me to academic writing. I had my short stint. I must admit it’s not for the lazy.

***** Its not as easy as you think.He doesnt write, he manages writing accounts…

Unless you buy working accounts and employ a good manager, you will be in for a rude shock.

***** Writing is not a scheme of getting rich quickly

There’s sacrifices like no sleep at night or an entire day,your time too and if you are lazy it’s not for you

But if it’s something you wanna indulge in buy an account,teach yourself or get taught the pros and cons whilst at your career work then when it picks up go ahead and resign

**** How sure are you that hiyo pesa yote ametoa kwa writing peke yake? She is the one saying that but how do you know? Quit your job at your own risk.. It’s better to start writing while still working.. Ukitoka job.. You have your laptop with you start working immediately.. Work until 12 and see how it goes first..

**** I have been doing it 3 yrs now mengi siwezi ongea hapa juu ya kra🤣

**** Am not rich, but am comfortable with academic writing. It paid my university fees, paying my daughter’s fees, and everything I do is all about academic. I thank God for it…

**** It’s true there is money kwa Academic Writing, for someone to get all that, they have positioned themselves at a higher position of the pyramid. If you are at the lowest, that is doing the actual writing, you will manage 70 to 90k a month or less since the experience differs.

To get these 70k, you need to sacrifice your sleep, time, and sometimes you compromise your social life, coz your schedule hukua screwed. Again, it is not a simple thing, utafanya revision till you feel like calling your employer and insulting them one by one.

**** Usifanye kitu cz rafiki yako anafanya maybe its not writing alone he could make writing his parttime job aone itampeleka aje just because its working for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you

**** Hehe. If you think self employment is easy try article/academic writing and transcription. The discipline in this field is top notch. Na usishangae mbona anatoka dunda Tuesday asubuhi saa zile unaenda job

**** Am a writer, the only thing naeza waambia lower your expectations, it’s not as easy as you might be imagining…we rarely do sleep…writing is very demanding

**** Writting had money. Especially if you master the difficult subjects kina Coding et al. Single assignment can fetch 30k.But si kazi ya watu wanapenda kulala. You must be awake to bid for assignments before you grab return students.

From those testimonies,it’s clear that academic writing pays but only if you commit yourself—payment is result oriented.You should also own your own account in order to earn decent income.

Here are some of the leading academic writing sites in Kenya;


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