Bank Branch Managers Salaries in Kenya



Bank branch managers in Kenya are the CEOs of banks and report to the highest office, CEO.Their salaries are fixed higher than operations managers and other staff members of respective branches.

Latest survey shows that the average salary of a bank branch manager in Kenya is Ksh 280,000.

The survey further reveals that the highest paying banks include:


Co-operative bank

KCB bank

CFC stanbic bank

Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)

Standard Chartered Bank

The banks listed above are where you can earn at least Ksh 300,000 per month as a branch manager.

For your information, there are several factors that determine the salary of a bank manager. One of the factors is the size of the branch. Big branches tend to pay more than small ones. Another factor is the period an employee has worked with the bank; the more you work the better.Finally, the type of bank you work for matters a lot: some banks may be profitable but pay branch managers even less than Ksh 200,000.

The lowest branch manager in Kenya earns Ksh90, 000 while the highest paid takes home Ksh800, 000.