Doctors salaries in UAE and Dubai



Doctors are among the highest payed professionals in Dubai. The salary of a doctor is approximately 50 times what the lowest employee in UAE earns.

Latest figures show that an experienced doctor in Dubai earns average monthly salary of Dh 75,000 while a fresh graduate doctor earns a starting salary of Dh 35,000

The highest paid class of doctors include specialist neurologists, vascular surgeons, child psychiatrists/psychologists, heads of obstetrics and gynecology. Doctors in these categories earn in excess of Dh 80,000.There are also a small percentage that take home at least Dh120,000

Cardiologists are believed to be the best paid doctors with at least Dh180, 000.

It has been observed that private hospitals pay better than government hospitals while small clinics are the worst paying.

It takes a student at least 5 years of rigorous training before he qualifies as a doctor.