Best Careers and Courses to study in Liberia



Liberia is a country that is growing, and several students are enrolling for degree courses so that they can secure employment. The best careers in this country are those that come with good salary and have a promising future. If you want to earn more than other professionals in Liberia, these are the courses to study in University.


Medical doctors in Liberia earn good salaries, in fact better than 80 % of employees in Liberia. To study medicine in any university in Liberia or outside, you have to be good in Mathematics and science courses. After five years of training, hospitals as well as the government will come looking for you.

Statistics and Monitoring and Evaluation

Statistics is a rare course in Liberia, and many people are not aware it’s marketable. Once you study statistics you will become a data analyst,M&E officer, Data Manager etc. These positions attract huge salaries.

It can only take you less than 6 months to get a job once you have studied a degree in statistics.


Law is another wonderful course that anyone who wants to represent clients even internationally can do and get paid handsomely.

A lawyer takes at least 5 years to study law in college but it would take you not more than 3 months to get a job.


Pilots are marketable world over. If there is someone who is happy in Liberia then it’s a pilot. Studying aviation related courses in Liberia is a gift you can give yourself and generations to come.

The average salary of a pilot in Liberia is not less than $ 1000 per month.

Electrical Engineering

Engineering courses in Liberia are among the best courses, but Electrical Engineering beats them all. There are so many companies requiring skills from Electrical Engineers in this country, but the supply of human resources is less.


To be a nurse in Liberia is a blessing. All you need is at least 2 years in school and the rest is employment. Government as well as private hospitals are in need of nurses.

Business courses

Bachelor of commerce, Bachelor of finance, Economics and business administration are among the business courses in demand at insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions.

Business professionals are among the highest paid employees in Liberia and are in demand from all sectors.