Accountants Salaries in Uganda



Uganda is one of many countries that pay accountants and business graduates good salaries. Unlike other professionals who earn peanuts, Accountants in this country earn at least Ush 3,000,000.

The highest paying institutions in Uganda are NGOs, Bank of Uganda, Banks and Insurance companies. While the lowest paying institutions are agriculture companies as well as manufacturing companies.

Statistics show that the average salary for an accountant in Uganda is Ush 4,000,000 while the lowest paid accountant go home with Ush 300,000.

Those with CPA and Business related degrees earn more than individuals with diploma qualifications.

Also if an individual possess a masters in MBA,he is likely to receive more salary than someone who doesn’t possess the qualification.

Also the university that you schooled matters a lot in Uganda. If you were fortunate to study in Makerere University or Europe countries, chances are that you will be paid better than other graduates.

Senior Accountants earn better than Assistant Accountants because of the level of experience and qualifications.