Best course to Study in USA between MBA and MSC Finance


There is always confusion on which course should pursue in college between MSC Finance and MBA in USA.

These are two popular business related specialization at masters level. In college, the number of Master of Business Administration students is more than those pursuing MSC Finance, but that does not necessarily mean MSC Finance is less popular. We take you through the advantages of each of the courses in America.

MSC Finance is most popular among professionals in the insurance, forex, stock market and investment banks. The course is more technical, compared with MBA and is suitable for people with mathematics background.

MSC Finance is ideal for statisticians actuaries, investment analysts and financial analysts. The course is also ideal for engineers. Even bachelor of commerce graduates can pursue MSF Finance but only when someone wants to work for aforementioned firms.

MBA is a general course that is good for individuals from all areas of specialization. Even if you studied microbiology, you can pursue MBA and become marketable.

Unlike MSC Finance where you are required to specialize either in Finance and economics, Actuarial science or real estate,MBA has more than 4 areas of specialization, which include:

Human Resources

Supply and Purchasing



Sales and Marketing

Strategic Management

Public Relations

All the above mentioned areas of specialization are very good for any MBA student. More interesting is that there are many universities in USA offering MBA than those offering MSC finance.

One major advantage of MBA over MSC Finance is that the former offers opportunity to train on leadership skills.

MSF Finance is very good if you intend to pursue CFA qualification. It can provide basic knowledge.

In terms of salaries,MBA graduates earn slightly more than MSC graduates.

If you are not so good in Mathematics,you are advised to study MBA,particularly marketing and human resource specialization.