Diploma in HR salaries in Kenya



Diploma in Human resources (HR) is a career that pays better than 70 % of the diploma courses in Kenya. The salary of a fresh diploma graduate in HR is in the range of Ksh 25,000-Ksh45,000.

If you are invited for interview as HR Assistant or HR Officer and you possess a diploma in HR,you should quote Ksh 25,000-Ksh45,000 per month.

The HR professionals who have stayed in the industry for 3-5 years are paid Ksh 45,000-Ksh70, 000 while those who have stayed more than 7 years pocket Ksh 75,000-Ksh120, 000.

HR professionals with degree in HR earn more than diploma holders at all levels. It is, therefore, advisable to upgrade your academic certificates to earn more.

The careers (HR) pays well if you are employed in the banking sector or oil and gas sector.Also,telecommunication companies pay very well;in fact they are the leading in terms of salaries.