Best Degree Programmes for People who are not good in Mathematics



When it comes to talent, there are people who are not gifted in handling mathematics. There are courses good for students who are poor in mathematics but good in arts. These courses outnumber those that are fit for mathematicians

Research shows these are the best degree courses good ideal for people who are not good in mathematics.

BA Climate Change and Environment


Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor of Arts Design

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in History

BA Linguistics

Bachelor of Education Arts

Bachelor of Sociology and Social works

Bachelor of Psychology and Counseling

Bachelor Of Arts In Political Science And Public Administration

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Bachelor Of Arts In Gender And Development

Bachelor Of Arts In International Studies

Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Performing Arts

Bachelor of Psychology

Bachelor Of Criminology And Criminal Justice

Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy

Bachelor of NGO Management

Bachelor of Special Needs Education

Any of the courses listed above is marketable and it doesn’t require application of mathematics.

A degree programme like Law is marketable world over, surprisingly no mathematics is required when admission is considered.

Bachelor of Criminology is also a wonderful course especially in conflict areas as well as the police force.The course, pursued mostly by individuals who want to be secret agents and investigators, pays good money.