Best Job Hunting Skills in South Africa



There are numerous job opportunities in South Africa, but for you to land a well-paying job you must be armed with job hunting skills. This is one technique that most graduates, especially fresh graduates lack.

If you want to get a job quickly in South Africa, this is what you should do

Have a professional Curriculum Vitae

The job hunting journey starts with a well written CV.For you to be noticed by employers, you must have a professional CV, this is mostly done by a professional CV writing company or the job seeker..there are many CV templates you can download online so as to guide you on how to write one.


Networking here we mean interacting with people who can give leads to where job opportunities are available. Networking is the most important aspect of job searching because it makes our job search easier by introducing you to high offices and companies which you could otherwise ignore.

Blind applications

Blind job application entails sending random CVs and application to companies you believe could be having open job opportunities but are not in a hurry to advertise.

When you are a job seeker, you shouldn’t wait for companies to advertise for employment for you to apply for one, use all means, including blind applications, to seek for employment.

Professional Certification

Some degree courses need more than just an academic certificate. Business courses, actuarial science, computer related courses and insurance require a professional to take at least one professional certification so as to be more marketable in South Africa.If you happen to be a job seeker, this is the best step to take, which will boost your chances of securing a well-paying job.


If you can’t directly secure a job in any company, you should offer to do internship for free. I know you won’t be comfortable but if you surely does this, you will have high chances of being retained by the company.