Who are the best paid professionals in South Africa between Lawyers and Doctors?



Medicine and law are among the best careers in South Africa, but many citizens, especially aspiring professional, wonder who between doctors and lawyers earn the most. Here is the answer.

The average salary of a qualified lawyer in South Africa is R 45,000 per month while that of doctors is R 50,000 per month.

As you can notice, doctors earn better than lawyers at all levels.

If you are into self-employment, as a lawyer you will start a law firm and as a doctor you will operate a clinic.Again, it’s easier to get clients when you have a clinic than getting clients while operating a law firm.

In terms of job opportunities, a degree in medicine has more opportunities than law. It’s uncommon for a doctor to remain jobless for more than 1 year, but a lawyer can be jobless for even 2 years.

Law is only good for people who are not gifted in mathematics while medicine is ideal for individuals with a grip in mathematics and scientific concepts.

Law tends to be easier than medicine while you are in college and it’s more enjoyable pursuing law career than medical profession.