Salary of highest paid Actuary in Kenya



Many aspiring actuaries would want to know what the highest paid actuary on Kenya pockets per month. Well, according to our research, the best paid Actuary, who works for a popular actuarial firm in Kenya earns Ksh 2.7 million.

Apart from that individual, who also acts as the Director, there are several other actuaries in Insurance sector who earn Ksh600, 000-Ksh 1, 5 million. One of the highest paying insurance companies is UAP, which pays its actuary not less than Ksh 700,000.Another one is Britam, which is among the biggest insurance companies in the country.

But you should note that when I say “actuary” I don’t mean that individual who possess undergraduate qualifications only, I mean a person who has pursued actuarial professional courses to completion. Such people are few in Kenya and the demand for them is very high.

Some of the companies that employ actuaries include Retirement Benefits Authority, Capital Markets Authority, Insurance Regulatory Authority, Insurance companies, audit firms like PWC, Deloitte and KPMG, and actuarial professional firms like Alexander Forbes and ACTSERVE.