Best Professional Certification to Pursue Alongside a Degree in Law



A university degree in Law is among the best degree courses in the world. This degree course can land any graduate a well-paying job but sometimes it’s advisable to pursue a professional certification to increase the chances of earning even more money.

Regardless of which part of the world you are, be it USA,Canada,India,China,Netherlands,Nigeria,South Africa or Kenya, you can find the best professional course to supplement your law degree. Following our in-depth research, the following are the best professional programs to pursue alongside law degree

If you live in East Africa, Especially Kenya, you can pursue a degree in Law plus Certified Secretaries Examination, which is offered by KASNEB.This is the most relevant professional qualification for lawyers in Kenya.

A lawyer can also become a Fraud Examiner, forensic expert or auditor. In this case, the best professional certifications to pursue alongside law degree include Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), ACCA or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Certification.CFE is the best course to pursue if your goal is to become a Fraud Examiner. In this career, you can also do forensic audit and examination.

Auditors who work for popular audit firms like PWC and Earnest &Young pursue CIA or ACCA, which are highly recognized world over. The best person to become an auditor is an individual with law background. This combination often make lawyers the highest paid professionals in audit firms, simply because the company know how lawyers would utilize their skill to determine what is lawful and what is not.

The last professional qualification you can try as a lawyer is Chartered Financial Analyst course. This course will land you at the stock market, and who doesn’t want to work where money is the talk of the day.

John, who lives in UK explains how he succeeded as a Fraud Examiner after pursuing Certified Fraud Examiner course.

“I pursued a degree course in Law at Oxford University. My high school friend, who was working for a security firm in UK revealed to me what he was earning. I felt intimidated and at the same time challenged. That was the time I decided to pursue a CFE course.

Within three years I was through with the entire course and after completing, my employer increased my salary for $2,000-I felt great”