Betway Affiliate Program Review


Betway has one of the best affiliate programs among betting sites in the world. Reviews from various blogs indicate that an affiliate can earn between $100 and $30,000 every month.

  • How to sign up for Betway affiliate program

Anyone who owns a blog or a platform to market Betway products is allowed to sign up. The first step is to create an account. Click here to visit Betway website, then choose affiliates and fill in the required details. You should indicate the domain name of your website, your full names, mobile number and payment methods.

After registering, you’ll wait for few hours or a maximum of 2 days for your account to get approved.

  • Affiliate marketing commissions

Betway pays in terms of commissions. The minimum commissions are 25% of the money players lose while maximum commissions are 45% of total losses. The commissions might be negative if players win more than they lose.

  • How to promote Betway.

You can request for a link which you will be using in your posts or place a banner on your website.

The best way to promote the content is by using the affiliate link

  • How to receive the payment

The affiliate payment is sent through Wire Transfer every month as long as attain a minimum threshold of $100.If you don’t earn the amount in a month, the company will carry your earnings forward until you reach the minimum threshold.

Betway commissions starts from 2% and they rise with time based on how you negotiate with your manager.

The good thing about Betway referral program is that any player you sign remains your player forever, you will earn recurring income until the player quits the program.