Bluehost 30-day money back guarantee


Before you pay for hosting at Bluehost, you have to know what their 30-day money back guarantee entails. This is a policy by Bluehost which allows new clients to cancel their payment within 30 days.

There are clients who want to test whether Bluehost services are good and if they find that the services are not appealing, they cancel their payment and move to another hosting company. Bluehost gives you a chance to cancel the payment at any given time as long as the period does not exceed 30 days.

One advantage of 30-day money back guarantee is that one is given time to decide even after becoming a client and to move elsewhere if not satisfied. The only problem with this service is that when you cancel, Bluehost deducts you $15.99 for domain registration, assuming you bought a domain name from them. But generally, it’s an excellent option for clients.

To start hosting with Bluehost, follow this link and create a free account. Then search for a domain name and make the payment. You will pay as little as $3.95 per month. Start using the service immediately. There are 4 main types of hosting: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server and WordPress Hosting. The most common is shared hosting, check the prices here

To apply for a refund from Bluehost,click here

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