How to Contact Kinsta for Website Hosting Services


There are many ways in which you can contact Kinsta for website hosting services. One way of contacting them is by initiating a chat on their website. Click here to start a chat.

When you visit the website, you’ll find a chat button asking, “have a question?”, choose one of the options provided and start chatting. One of the staff members will start a chat within two minutes. The maximum waiting time is 5 minutes.

The second way to contact them is by visiting their website (Visit the website here), click on CONTACT,and send a message you wish to send to them.

There are four main things you can contact Kinsta with:

  • Pricing or plans
  • Features or technical information
  • Request a migration
  • Affiliate marketing

You can also contact Kinsta via email address [email protected]

If contacting them via email address, then send them a message on Facebook or Twitter.But the best way to contact Kinsta is through online chat.

If you want to learn more about Kinsta, visit the company’s website here, all the details are available there.


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