Bluehost New Shared Hosting Prices 2021


Bluehost has reduced prices of Shared Hosting plans significantly. From the month of May 2021, customers will buy hosting services at discounted prices. To learn more about the new prices,follow this link

The cheapest plan used to cost $3.95 per month but has now been reduced to $2.95 per month. If you are creating a new blog, this is the best time to but web hosting services from Bluehost.

Here are the new prices for the Shared Hosting plans:

  1. Basic–$2.95 per month
  2. Plus–$5.45 per month
  3. Choice Plus–$5.45 per month
  4. Pro–$13.95 per month

Pick a plan which is ideal for your website. To get started,click on this link to create an account

For viral websites,VPS and Dedicated Server hosting will be ideal for you. The prices have also been significantly reduced.