Is BSC Mathematics a good degree course to study in Kenya, how marketable it is?



A degree in mathematics is very marketable degree courses to study in Kenya, but only if you do the following.

First, you should know that no one will employ you as a mathematician, that title does not exist in Kenya, but you will secure employment as a data analyst, lecturer, financial analyst, accountant, business analyst, market analyst, actuary or data manager.

If you intend to join financial sector,then you should consider pursuing a professional course .For your case,I would advise you to pursue CFA because it will make it easy for you to secure employment as a financial analyst or investment analyst.Alternatively,you can pursue ACCA or CIA to join the audit environment.

If you are not into financial sector, you can specialize in statistics, where you learn statistics tools like SPSS,R,STATA and become a data analyst or a statistician.

Alternatively, you can pursue a masters and PhD to become a lecturer.

Whatever route you take,you’ll find greener pastures on the other side of the road.

I would like to warn you in advance that a degree in mathematics without a supplement might take you nowhere. In fact, the only place you can secure employment is a bank, or if you are lucky, you can get a job as a graduate trainee in companies where area of specialization matters less.