Can I Get A Job in Kenya with Certified Fraud Examiner. Is The Course Marketable


Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is the best course for auditors and forensic experts. There are so many institutions in Kenya that employ these professions and they actually pay them over Ksh 250,000.
The question here is not whether you will get employment but who pays better than who. The moment you are through with the course, you shall get several offers from many potential employers, it’s you to choose who to work for.
If you want to join the field of forensic science and high level auditing CFE is the course to pursue.
Having research over years the institutions that employ CFE professionals in Kenya, the following are the best institutions to work for.
National Intelligence Services
Earnest & Young
Ministry of Finance
Capital Markets Authority
Transparency International
Central Bank of Kenya
Office of the Auditor General
Retirement Benefits Authority
Insurance Regulatory Authority
Kenyan Banks
There are many other organizations where you can work as a Forensic Expert or auditor.
Some of the employees currently working at various organizations earn between Ksh120,000-Ksh 300,000.There are others at senior levels who earn in excess of Ksh 700,000