Certificate,Diploma,Degree and Masters Programs Offered at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University Tanzania



Kolowa Memorial University is a popular training institution in Tanzania that offers courses from certificate, diploma,degree to masters level. Most of the programs offered here are very popular in Tanzania,and once you pursue any of them chances of getting a job in Tanzania are near 1.

If you are interested in studying at Kolowa Memorial University,here is a list of programs offered at the institution.

Faculties And Programmes

Faculty of Education

Masters of Education Special Education (MED.SPED).. 18 months.

Bachelor of Education Special Needs (BEDSN)..3 years.

Bachelor of Education with Science.(BEd.Sc).. 3 years

Diploma in Theology..4 years.

Diploma in Primary Teachers Education..2 – 3 years.

Faculty of Law

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)..3 years.

Diploma in Law (DL)..2 years (Lushoto and Tanga centre).

Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)..2 years (Lushoto and Tanga Centres).

Diploma in Accounting and Finance (DAF)..2 years (Lushoto and Tanga Centres).

Certificate in Law (CL)..1 year (Lushoto and Tanga Centres).

Basic Certificate in Business Administration (BCBA)..1 year (Lushoto and Tanga Centres).

Basic Certificate in Accounting and Finance (BCAF)..1 year (Lushoto and Tanga Centres).

Faculty of Science

Master of Science in Nature Conservation and Management (MSc.NCM)..18 months

achelor of Science in Eco-Tourism and Nature conservation (BSc.ENC).. 3 years

Bachelor of Science with Education (BSc.Ed.) 3 years

Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Rehabilitation (BSc.MHR).. 4 years

Basic Certificate in Computer Science (BCCSc).. 1 year (Lushoto and Tanga Ce.ntre).

Basic Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine (BTCCM)..2 years (Bumbuli)

Sometimes it doesn’t matter the university you attend as long as you gain skills necessary to perform duties as per the company’s expectations.Kolowa Memorial University focuses on quality,which is why it’s popular for producing the best students for the job market.

Some of the most popular programs at the institution include bachelor of education, medicine, nursing,law,accounting and finance and computer science.

Joining this institution is not a gamble, and you will be sure your money will not be a waste.