Courses offered at Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justice



Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justice offers higher diploma, diploma and certificate courses. These courses are suitable for people who are planning to join the police,NSIS, Kenya army as well as to work for various security firms in the country. You can also join top NGOs in Kenya and banking institutions.

Courses offered at Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justice are as follows


  1. Higher Diploma in Forensic Psychology and Criminology
  2. Higher Diploma in Economic Crimes Management
  3. Higher Diploma in Security and Disaster Management
  4. Higher Diploma in Intelligence and Forensic Management
  5. Higher Diploma in Criminal Justice Administration and Management
  6. Higher Diploma in Transport Security Management
  7. Higher Diploma in Security Risk Management
  8. Higher Diploma in Cyber Crimes and Computer Forensic
  9. Higher Diploma in Criminology and Security Management
  10. Higher Diploma in Plubic Administration and County Governance
  11. Higher Diploma in counter Terrorism and Organized Crimes
  12. Higher Diploma in Intelligence and National Security


  1. Diploma in Forensic and Criminal Investigation
  2. Diploma in Criminology
  3. Diploma in Forensic Accounting
  4. Diploma in Child Forensic Studies – Psychology and Law
  5. Diploma in Public Prosecution Management
  6. Diploma in Fingerprint Science
  7. Diploma in Disaster Management
  8. Diploma in Intelligence Management
  9. Diploma in Security Management
  10. Diploma in Forensic Psychology
  11. Diploma in Risk Manangement
  12. Diploma in Forensic Science
  13. Diploma in Police Science
  14. Diploma in Probation and Aftercare Service Management
  15. Diploma in Penology and Correctional Service Management
  16. Diploma in Computer Forensic
  17. Diploma in Anti-money Laundering
  18. Diploma in Airport and Aviation Security Management
  19. Diploma in Port and Maritime Security
  20. Diploma in Traffic Safety Management
  21. Diploma in County Policing
  22. Diploma in Police Leadership and Management
  23. Diploma in Forensic Document Examination
  24. Diploma in Wildlife Forensics
  25. Diploma in National Security
  26. Diploma in County Administration
  27. Diploma in Public Administration
  28. Diploma in Fire Science Management
  29. Diploma in conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
  30. Diploma in Peace keeping and international relations
  31. Diploma in Crime mapping and Crime Analysis
  32. Diploma in Arbitration and Alternative Dispute resolution


  1. Certificate in Disaster management
  2. Certificate in Security Management
  3. Certificate in intelligence
  4. Certificate in Criminology and Forensic Studies
  5. Certificate in fingerprint Technology
  6. Certificate in Information Technology [ I.T]
  7. Certificate in Money Laundering
  8. Certificate in Economic Crimes Investigation
  9. Certificate in Terrorism Studies
  10. Certificate in V.I.P Protection
  11. Certificate in Forensic Science
  12. Certificate in Computer Forensic
  13. Certificate in Police Science Management
  14. Certificate in Economic Correctional Service Management
  15. Certificate in Intelligence Management

You can pursue any of the courses above and land a well-paying job in Kenya.

Contact details to the institution are as follows

A:Address:P.O. BOX 14404-00100 GPO NAIROBI,KENYA

T: TEL: +254 020 2088 433, +254 020 2213 099, +254 020 253 2148

P:Mobile: +254 733 878 576, +254 727 695 107, +254 722 561 388

E:Email: [email protected], [email protected]

L:Location: City Hall Annex 15th floor



  1. Comment:I’m KDF soldier in the military police department with the rank of Warrant officer two. I having done relevant security courses and stay in Nairobi.