Courses offered at Tom Mboya Labour College



Tom Mboya Labour College is one of few colleges in Kenya which offer courses related to labour and trade union activities.The list of courses offered at the university is as listed below.

– Computer Packages
– Certificate in Information Technology
– Diploma in Information Technology
– Certificate in Business Management
– Diploma in Business Management

Certificate in Computer Proficiency (Computer Packages)
– CPA Courses
– ILO (International Labour Organisation) Courses
– Governance and Labour Related courses

Since the college offers, among others, labour courses,it’s a golden opportunity of an individual who wants to join the union to enroll for a related course at Tom Mboya Labour College. For your information, Francis Atwoli, who heads COTU earns over Ksh5 million a month.

Also, it’s important to note that CPA is offered at the institution. PA is the most popular professional courses in Kenya.

Also offered at TMLC are IT related courses as well as International Labour Organization courses.