Easiest Degree Courses to Study in USA


There are a couple of degree courses in USA which you won’t struggle to complete. Such courses are not involving and anyone who joins to study them complete with a lot of ease.

The hardest courses are those associated with engineering, mathematics and medicine, such programs give learners had time to complete.

If you are looking for a marketable degree course which is equally easy to complete, here is the list:

  • Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education is a well-paying profession in the US, it’s also an easy course especially if you choose educations courses related to Arts. It will take you less than 4 years to complete the program.

  • Bachelor of Law

Only a small percentage of students complain that Bachelor of Law is difficult—majority complete the program within the stipulated time. The good thing is that the program is marketable anywhere on earth.

  • Bachelor of Commerce

Another easy course is Bachelor of Commerce. There are many areas of specialization which are easy to tackle, like marketing, Human Resource and Strategic Management. Such specializations will make your life easy as a student because there are no complex calculations involved.

  • Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling

You will never struggle to study Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling especially if your passion is to advise people about relationships and life in general. It will take less than 4 years to complete the entire course.

  • Journalism and Mass Communication

To become a journalist in USA is not a difficult process, you can pursue a certificate, diploma or degree course which can be completed easily. There is nothing hard in the entire course, most of the units are easy to pursue. A Degree in Journalism takes at most 4 years to complete.

  • Bachelor of Project Management

Bachelor of Project Management is not only easy to study but also very marketable. One can pursue it as a second degree or first degree. As a Project Manager your work will be to oversee projects within your institution.

Even someone who is weak in mathematics can do Project Management

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Economics is not as difficult as Bachelor of Science in Economics. It can take even 2 years to complete this program.

  • Bachelor of Supplies and Procurement

The rate of success for students is more than 98%. Most of those students dropping out of college do so because of lack of college fee and not because the program is default.

There are plenty of jobs for US graduates especially those with specialization in procurement.