Easiest Way to Get a Job in Kenya as a Fresh Graduate


As a fresh graduate it’s not easy to get a job in Kenya, the competition is stiff and vacancies are limited. However, if you intend to get a job quickly, here are the tricks to employ

  1. Volunteer

Nowadays graduates want to get a job, earn over Ksh100,000 and start living their dream life. It can’t work like that, you have to start from somewhere. To volunteer means that you are ready to work even for free, which gives a positive impression of you.

In case an opportunity arises while you are volunteering, you will be selected for a job.

  1. Make a perfect CV

Ensure that your CV is perfect for the job you are looking for. One mistake people make is that they write one CV and send to several companies without editing anything. The best strategy to employ is to ensure you read the job requirement and tailor your CV to suit the requirements.

Without a colorful CV, it’s almost impossible to secure a job. Remember, the first steps is to be called for a job interview, which is why your CV should stand out.

You should also thoroughly go through the cover letters you send to companies to ensure they don’t have grammatical errors. Attention to details is one quality that’s highly desired by employers.

  1. Develop connections

Connections include your college mates, your relatives, friends of your relatives and people you meet in social places. The more you know people, the higher your chances of getting a job. Nowadays it’s even harder to secure through a job interview, most people get employed through connections.

The most important thing is to keep contacts of people you meet during your internship.

  1. Search for internship

Instead of applying for a job opportunity, it’s good to search for internships. Companies are more willing to employ interns and pay them little as opposed to offering permanent and pensionable jobs.

  1. Start a side hustle as you look for a job

It takes up to 5 years for a graduate to secure their first job in Kenya. Instead of idling, it’s good that you look for something to do so as to keep yourself busy. A side hustle will get you occupied and provide some cash for job application and upkeep.

  1. Blind applications

Blind applications are those jobs you apply for that are not advertised. For instance, you’ll discover that a certain company has opened a new branch, which means that they will need new employees. Your application may land you a new job.