Why it’s Easy for Africans to Get a Job in Dubai/UAE: Jobs for Africans in Dubai



Dubai /UAE is the best place for Africans to go for employment. There is a growing demand for workers at junior levels of employment ladder at UAE.Since most people who live in this country won’t be in apposition to do such jobs, Africans are sourced to fill the vacuum. It is for this reason several companies have emerged to connect Africans to employers in Dubai.

As an African, you have several options, and there are several countries you can go for work in the Middle East, but the best option is UAE which has soft laws for foreigners. Saudi Arabia and Yemen are the worst countries to work as an African because of strict laws and mistreatment associated with the kind of job you will be allocated.

In Dubai, the most common jobs for Africans include:

  1. Receptionist/Secretary
  2. Drivers
  3. Cooks
  4. Shop attendant
  5. House Cleaner
  6. Gardener
  7. Security officer
  8. Messenger
  9. Customer Care
  10. Truck Driver
  11. Marketer
  12. Supermarket attendant
  13. Mechanic

The listed jobs above are the most available opportunities in Dubai. This is because senior positions go for locals.

It is believed that the average salary of a worker in Dubai, who is from Africa, earns DH 5,000 in a month, though there are individuals who earn up to DH 10, 000, especially those who have stayed in the country and worked for a company for long.

As an African, in order to go to Dubai, you have to secure a VISA after you have successfully been connected to an employer in the country. There are many agencies which recruit on behalf of employers in the Middle EAST.

You need average of $3,000 to land in Dubai and comfortably settle.