Economist jobs and salaries in UAE and Dubai



Economists earn modest salary in Dubai and UAE but there are several factors to consider before arriving at ideal salary.

Before an individual becomes an economist, he must pursue a degree in economics and a masters in economics or econometrics. A PhD in economics is necessary but not a must in UAE.

Armed with knowledge from college, you can secure employment in the oil and gas industry. This is the highest paying sector in Dubai where almost every professional earns over AED 20,000 per month. If you are fortunate to secure employment here, you will earn AED 25,000-AED 80,000.The lowest paid economist is that one who has little or no experience while the highest paid one is a professional with at least 15 years’ experience.

Economist also work in Dubai banks, and according to our salary survey, the average salary for one is AED 25,000.This salary is slightly less than what bank managers earn but more than bank tellers.

Economist, mostly with PhD, work in education sector as lecturers. With this qualification, most of them earn AED 20,000-AED 50,000.

They also work in manufacturing sector and motor industry, but they don’t bear the title “economist” simply because they are offered jobs which are not in line with their area of specialization. The average salary here is AED 15,000.