Salaries of professionals in UAE and Dubai (2016)



There are over 100 professions in the United Arabs Emirates. The salaries for each profession differs based on the demand of the skills and the work load of the individual. Below are full details of salaries for professionals in Dubai

Profession                            Salary (AED)

Drivers                                 1,000-3,000

Nurses                                  4,000-16,000

Accountant                          2,000-17,000

Air Hostess/Cabin Crew     3,000-15,000

Airline pilot                          16,000-35,000

Bank Teller                            4,500-9,000

Bank Manager                      15,000-30,000

CEO small company            15,000-25,000

CEO medium company      18,000-35,000

CEO big company                50,000-200,000

Cook                                      3,000-7,000

Cashier                                  2,000-7,000

Bus driver                              1,700-3,000

Customer service officer    4,000-8,000

Marketing manager             15,000-40,000

Marketing director                35,000-70,000

Chief Finance Officer             40,000-100,000

Civil Engineer                         30,000-80,000

Oil and gas Engineer             40,000- 120,000

Data analyst                      7,000-20,000

Waiters/Waitress             1,000-5,000

Taxi driver                           3,000-7,000

Project manager                 15,000-40,000

Electrical engineer              10,000-20,000

Journalist                            10,000-30,000

Doctor                                 15,000-80,000

Lawyer                                30,000-80,000

Architecture                         45,000-150,000

Clearing and forwarding        3,000-10,000

Security officer                     2,000-6,000

Shop attendant                     1,500-4,000

Lecturer                               10,000-50,000

You can realize that the highest paid professionals are Doctors, nurses, engineers and finance officers while cooks, secretaries and security officers are the least paid individuals.

The salaries are paid based on the country of origin, the profitability of the company, size of the company, individual work load, area of specialization and the amount of experience an individual possess.

United Arabs Emirates employees earn the highest salaries while their Indian counterparts earn a bit lower.

People from Africa, who normally do the lowest ranked jobs earn between AED 1,000-AED 7,000.They are mostly employed to do babysitting, security jobs, port attendants, drivers and at best nurses.

The highest paying industries include oil and gas, and health while transport is the least paying industry.

To earn the best salary in Dubai, you must be able to seek employment in a top company and also possess skills that are in high demand. You can have only a diploma course but end up earning over AED 10,000.It all depends on the company you work for and your relationship with the boss.

One thing you should know, unlike in America where salaries are fixed, in UAE salaries vary widely. You will get somebody with little education but earning more than a university lecturer.