Front Office Salaries in UAE and Dubai



There are plenty of jobs for front office and receptionist in UAE and Dubai but what most people ask, “What is the salary for these professionals”.Well, below is what you will be paid here in case you are wondering.

If you are a fresh diploma holder with zero professional experience, your first salary will be AED 700-AED 1,500.This salary is inclusive of allowances and other benefits.

The average salary for an individual with 3-5 years of professionals is EAD 2,000-EAD 7,000.This is because they have gained enough professional experience and are, therefore, regarded as assets.

The most experienced employees, secretaries, earn above EAD 10, 000, but they are very few in Dubai.

One thing you should be aware of is that salary is not only paid based on work experience, but also the country of origin and the sector. People who originate from United Arab Emirates earn more than individuals from other countries. The lowest paid are people from Africa.

If you are lucky to get a job at the motor industry, oil industry or airline industry, chances are that you will earn more than front office officers working at education industry.

The salary of secretaries working at oil and gas industry is reportedly more than AED 5, 000, which is double what secretaries in schools earn.