Financial Accounting Online Course



Financial Accounting is one of the most popular courses for business professional courses. This course if offered by almost every professional course, among them CFA, ACCA, CPA and actuarial professional certification.

Financial Accounting is a tough unit and requires one to prepare thoroughly before he sits for exams. Due to scarcity of institutions training the program, it has become easier for many professionals to enroll for online training. Coursera is one reputable institution most students opt to pursue their online studies. This institution has helped millions of students realize their dreams through Financial accounting training.

The course offered by Coursera takes 4 to 6 weeks and it covers three main areas:

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Financial Accounting
  2. Module 2: Recording Transactions and Financial Statement Preparation
  3. Module 3: Fundamental Accounting Concepts and Revenue Recognition
  4. Module 4: Short-Term Assets

Since the 4 modules listed above are the most difficult sections in financial accounting, a student who goes through Coursera won’t struggle to pass any professional exam. In six weeks, you will be supplied with reading materials, you will be taken through online class and offered several questions and answers for various professional exams.

How do you enroll for the program.

To enroll for the program, you simply follow this link(Financial Accounting link)