Front Desk and Receptionists Salaries in USA



In USA, front desk office staff play significant role in all organizations. Due to the nature of their work, the salaries include basic pay, tips, overtime, bonus, and commissions.

Research show that more than 80 % of individuals who perform front desk and receptionist duties are women, with a very insignificant number of men preferring to join the field after missing out on opportunities elsewhere.

Based on what the industry pay in USA, front desk staff earns hourly pay of $11.5-$16.2.The lower limit is mostly earned by people with little experience or those working in towns not valuing the skills much.

It is estimated that salary increment is not as much as what the highest paid professionals in USA get. For instance, a doctor can get a salary increment of at least $1,000 per annum while a front desk staff gets at most $500 per annum.

Staff here in America earn based on geographical location (cities) and the company they are working for. Also, work experience matters a lot: the more experienced you’re the more you’re likely to earn more.

If you manage to secure employment in New York or California, you’re likely to earn more than someone working at Texas.

When it comes to qualifications, most companies prefer individuals with at least a diploma course in front office and customer care. But an undergraduate degree is an added advantage.