Front Office and Secretaries Salaries in Kenya



Front office and secretaries are professionals who receive visitors, telephone calls and also parcels in organizations. In Kenya the average salary of a front office worker is Ksh 30,000.

The salary is, however, basic and is paid in dominating sectors like manufacturing and private offices. While that is the case,NGOs pay the best salaries. Our research shows that the average salary of a secretary in NGO is Ksh 55, 000,which is Ksh 25,000 more than what most institutions pay the front office officers.

In the government the same people earn Ksh 27,000-Ksh45,000 while parastatals pay them a bit higher-usually more than Ksh 40,000.

The qualification for a front office worker in Kenya is a diploma certificate…but there are a number of employees who possess just a certificate course.