Best engineering Degree courses and programs to study in Canada



Engineering is ideal degree program for anyone who is good in Mathematics and science courses. In candidate following are the best engineering programs to study in college.

Construction Engineering

Construction engineers are among the highest paid professionals in Canada. This engineer earns median salary of $79,000 and a lot of undisclosed benefits.

Software Engineer

Software engineer is in high demand throughout the world. This is a degree course that will assure you of employment even if anyone else is unemployed.

Oil and Gas Engineering

Oil and Gas engineering is offered by over 20 universities in Canada. This degree program is well paying in addition to having few professionals.

The average annual salary of oil and gas engineer is $79,000

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer takes at least 4 years in college and at least 1 year of professional training in order to have the authority of overseeing projects. What is exciting about this program is that the salaries are very good-at least $76,000 annually

Petroleum and Chemical Engineering

Petroleum Engineer works for petroleum companies, which pay good perks. This is a career you should follow if you want to make $82,000 annually.

Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineer

If you ever intend to work in the airline industry, pursue either Aerospace Engineering or piloting. These two courses will give you the financial freedom you have been yearning for.

Electrical and electronics engineering

Never mind what the short sighted say about the course, we can prove that electrical engineers are a happy lot. Earning $75,000 annually is not a joke. Which explains why the degree program is one of the best in Canada.