Best professional certification to combine with a degree in statistics in the world



There are over 100 professional certificates you can combine with a degree in statistics to make yourself more relevant and a hot cake in the modern world.

Statistics is an ideal degree program for people who want to be data analysts and researchers. It can also be pursued by people who want to be auditors, actuaries, accountants and financial analysts.

Since the course is diverse, a graduate/student has a variety of professional courses he can pursue alongside the degree. Here are the suitable certificates for you.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst is suitable for statisticians who are aiming at working in the investment environment. The course is intensive, but as a statisticians, passing the three levels will be possible.

The course requires that you have at least a degree course in any specialization. But majority of those who enroll for it are mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians.


ACCA is designed to accommodate accountants, finance professionals as well as auditors. This is particularly important for statisticians who want to join the fields of auditing and accounting.

It is very possible for a statistician to be an auditor or accountant because of their strong mathematical background.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is a well-paying job world over.Statisticans are the professionals who do this job.

Since there is a monitoring and evaluation certificate, any statistician is advised to pursue the course in order to increase the chances of earning more than ordinary statisticians.

Project Management

This is similar to monitoring and evaluation but Project Management course is more diverse.

Mostly, statisticians who pursue M&E work in the medical field while project managers can work in any field.

Actuarial professional papers

There are statisticians who want to cross over to actuarial science. Well, the best and easiest route is by pursuing actuarial professional course-no need of enrolling for actuarial science degree

Certified Fraud Examiner

If you want to be a forensic expert or a well-trained auditor, the CFE is the best certification for you.

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Certification

Finally, you can pursue certified Internal audit certification if you intend to work with top audit firms in the world.