How to get Internship/Job at Transnational Bank Kenya



Transnational bank is one of the major recruiters of fresh graduates and interns in Kenya. As a job seeker, you have the opportunity of seeking internship or employment at the bank since they accept CVs from potential employees.

One thing you should note is that the bank does not advertise internships nor do they advertise jobs on print media. Most of their jobs are either advertised internally or through referrals. Having known that, you should ensure you take your CV and application letter to Transnational bank headquarters in Nairobi. If you can’t take your letter personally to their headquarter, make sure you post it through the post office.

Always avoid applying for internship or any other job through a branch because most of the applications don’t reach headquarters.

The most important thing to note is that more than 70 % of employees at the bank got the job either through knowing somebody or through referrals. The fact that you have wonderful qualification may not help you if you are not ready to network or at least send your application even if a job has not been advertised by the bank. Blind applications can save you the pain of looking for internship at the bank.

If you want internship at Transnational bank, you better start making blind applications when you are still in college.Alternatively,you give somebody working at the bank to take your application to the HR department.

More than 60% of employees at the bank are Kalenjins.If you are a Kalenjin, your chances of securing employment at the bank are high.