Is public administration degree marketable in Kenya?




Public administration attracts over 1,000 students to Kenyan universities annually, where majority pursue the course at masters level. Even so, the course is not very marketable, unless you are either lucky or you have somebody up there to hold your hand.

Majority of public administration students work in government institutions and NGO’s, but out of a total of 500 students who graduate with the degree, only 30 % secure employment one year into graduation.

Public administration is suitable for politicians, security personnel and people who work in the administration departments of the government. But if you intend to get a job immediately after school, you better start thinking of starting a business venture.

But the only encouraging thing in Kenya is that nowadays employers recruit, not because you have the relevant qualification but because you can deliver. Some institutions like banks can employ you as a clerk or graduate trainee. Also some government institutions like KRA and Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission can employ you.