How to Get a Jobs or Internship at I&M Bank



I&M bank is one of the top employers for cashiers/tellers, loan officers and other attractive positions. To be employed at this bank, you need to know one or two things. It is not easy to get a job at I&M bank, but if you become aggressive enough, you will surely get it.

The easiest and common ways of getting a job here is by first visiting their website and apply for relevant opportunities advertised there. Their career website is

You should keep on visiting the website to get recent opportunities.

Apart from applying through their website,another way of magically getting a job is by doing blind application.I know some of you would dispute this,but ask any individual with first hand experience,they will confirm that indeed this tricky works.Simply drop your CV at their headquarters or send it through their HR email address [email protected]

Another sure way of getting internship or a job is by giving someone you know a CV to take to the HR manager.This person should be someone working within the bank.You know,in the modern world,connections are needed,and this is the best and easiest way of getting a job.

If you employ any of the above listed methods,you will for sure find yourself working at I&M bank.