Highest Paying Banks in Uganda



If you are enthusiastic about working in a Ugandan bank,make sure you choose the highest paying bank.A list of the best paying banks in Uganda shows that at least 40 % of the banks pay clerks and cashiers over Ush 3 million per month while majority pay even less than Ush 1 million.

Our research shows that the following are the highest paying banks in Uganda

  1. Bank of Uganda
  2. Barclays Bank of Uganda
  3. Citibank
  4. Commercial Bank of Africa
  5. Crane Bank
  6. Ecobank Uganda
  7. Diamond Trust Bank
  8. KCB Bank Uganda
  9. Stanbic Bank Uganda
  10. Exim Bank (Uganda)
  11. Bank of Baroda

These are the banks that can pay any fresh graduate as well as experienced professional handsomely.