Highest Paying Jobs and Careers in South Africa



You have been working for your company for the last 10 years, earning R5,000 monthly and wondering whether your job pays well compared to others in south Africa.Fixusjobs.com has conducted research to establish which are the best paying careers in South Africa.


Chief Executive Officer is the man in charge of respective companies in South Africa. The average salary of a CEO in South Africa is R 80,000 per month, making them the highest paid individuals in South Africa.

To be a CEO in South Africa, you must possess at least 5 years of working experience. Or simply be your own boss.


To be a pilot in South Africa you must undergo training, which normally takes at least R 200,000 but after completing training you will earn money you’ve never touched in your entire life.

A Pilot in South Africa earns R20, 000-R 80,000 per month.


Specialized doctors are in demand in South Africa. This is because most doctors fly abroad to work for top hospitals for better pay. Even though that is the case, hospitals in South Africa pay doctors well in order to retain them.

Latest statistics show that the average salary for a specialist doctor in South Africa is R30, 000-R 60,000 per month.


Actuarial Science has become very useful in risk assessment and actuarial services. These professionals work in Insurance and banking sectors and are highly rewarded.

It takes a student 4 years to complete actuarial degree course and at least three years to pursue actuarial professional courses.

The average salary of a qualified Actuary in South Africa is R 35,000 per month. However, if you start your own consulting firm chances are that you will make more money.


You can’t go wrong by studying law in South Africa. Lawyers, take at most 3 years to be recognized after starting practicing. The only hardest part is completing course work but once you are through and join a top law firm chances are that you will earn good money afterwards.

A Lawyer in South Africa earns R 20,000-R 70,000 per month depending on work experience.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller works in airports to maintain safety as well as direct flights within and outside South Africa. The professional undergoes mandatory training of at least two years, he is then offered the rewarding job after successful completion of training.

There are very few Air Traffic Controllers in South Africa, the reason why they are paid well compared to other officers.

Financial analysts

Financial Analysts are professionals who have pursued business and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) course.CFA is one of the toughest courses in the world, and once an individual completes the three levels, chances of getting a job are 100 %.

Financial Analysts work in investment banks, stock brokers, insurance companies, government institutions as well as NGOs.

The average salary of a financial analyst in South Africa is R 50,000

Software Engineer

Software engineering is becoming hot cake in most parts of the world. The growing number of companies requiring mobile applications and other software related products have created job market for software engineers. Today a software engineer earns up to R 100,000 per month in South Africa

Petroleum Engineer

You will work in the oil industry if you are a qualified petroleum engineer, and your salary will not be less than R 30,000.Experience matters and once you have it, chances are than R70, 000 will be your salary.

Chief Finance Officers

Chief finance Officer is responsible for managing the finances of a company. Since the position is sensitive, these senior managers earn up to R 120,000 per month.