How can I get 1000 traffic a Day


You can easily get 1000 traffic in a day if you implement the tricks we are going to reveal below. With 1000 page views in a day, you’ll manage to earn at least $3 from AdSense and more than $100 if you are on affiliate program.

For new bloggers, getting 1000 traffic in a day is not a mean feat because the blog’s articles are not easily indexed by search engines. If your blog is 0 days to 6 months old, here is what to do to get above 1 000 visitors per day.

Create at least 100 long articles for three months. Each article should be original, unique and with more than 1,500 words.

Use SEMrush SEO tool to search for LongTail keywords that will rank. The tool provides 1-month trial plan for all new members. To sign up,click on this link .The tool will help you to search for the best keywords for your blog. You will also know how your articles rank compared to those from other blogs.

You should also own a Facebook page with more than 10,000 followers such that when you post an article on your blog, share the same on your Facebook page.

  • How to get the 1000 traffic per day.

Assuming that you have 100 high quality articles with highly targeted keywords, each of the articles will generate 5 views per day. In total, the 100 articles will get 500 organic traffic.

Every day, you will generate an average of 3 articles and each of them will get 100 views from social media. Roughly, you’ll get 300-500 views from social media and 500 views from organic searches. The traffic will only be achieved if your blog is more than 3 months old.

To ensure that all your articles rank on page one of Google, avoid using free themes, buy a highly optimized theme like Newspaper. You can get the theme from ThemeForest for $59.If you don’t like your current theme, then purchase one from Themeforest,click on this link to visit Themeforest website

 Always ensure that your articles are long, original and unique. I suggest that you write articles which have more than 2,000 words each.