How much money do you get for 100000 views


100000 views will generate $100 to $300 from AdSense and between $0 and $1,000 if you are on affiliate marketing. The amount of money earned will depend on several factors, which include: niche, how you monetize your traffic, geographical regions your visitors are coming from, positioning of your banners and the season you get the traffic.

Assuming the factors given above, here is the approximate amount of money you’ll earn per 100000 views is you are using AdSense:

AdSense pays on cost Per Click. For every 1,000 views, you’ll earn approximately $1. For 10,000 views, you’ll make $10 and for 100,000 views, you’ll make approximately $100.

Those blogs getting traffic from countries like USA, Canada, Australia, China, Norway, Thailand, UK and Germany earn more. In case you are in the highest paying niches like mortgage, health, SEO and Banking, 100,000 views will generate more than $200.

If you are on affiliate marketing,100000 views will earn you $0 to $1,000 depending on conversions. In affiliate marketing, you’ll only earn if someone buys the product you are marketing. It’s because of this reason that you are advised to join high conversion affiliate programs like those dealing with gadgets.

Traffic is important in affiliate marketing only if it converts. Your blog may get 1,000,000 views but earn $0 because it didn’t convert. The same traffic will generate $2,000 from AdSense.

In order to boost your AdSense earnings, shift to high paying niches like Mortgage, technology, health, banking, SEO, Web hosting, banking and insurance. You should also learn how to create content that will rank on page one of search engines. One tool that will help you achieve your vision is SEMrush. Once you are using it, you’ll know the cost of each keyword and how they rank on Google. SEMrush has a free trial plan that lasts for one week. To subscribe for the tool for free,click on this link

For 100,000 page views, your income will increase by more than 100% when you use SEMrush. If you were earning $100, you’ll start making more than $200.Your traffic will also increase by more than 100%.