How Jalango Started Jalango TV and earned Ksh 10 million within 3 months


Jalango TV started his blog in 2021 and his Facebook page the same year. Before then, his Facebook page was only posting entertainment content. Jalango TV Facebook page attracted over 1 million followers within a short time. During his daily shows, he would get up to 10 adverts per show and each advert earned him at least Ksh 50,000.

Jalango TV started well and within 3 months, its monthly revenue exceeded Ksh400, 000.

In total, Jalango was pulling in more than Ksh 3 million per month. In addition, his YouTube channel generated at least Ksh 800,000 per month.

Jalango TV earned a whopping Ksh 10 million in three months before resigning for politics. He will contest for Langata Parliamentary seat under ODM.

Currently, his Facebook page does not host celebrities as it used to and as a result, the income dropped. But his YouTube channel still generates decent income for him.

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