Diana Bahati YouTube earnings


Diana Bahati is one of the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya. Her YouTube channel generates Ksh 400,000 to Ksh 1 million per month. Though she doesn’t post daily, her videos generate up to 1 million views. One example is the Video of the song Mubaba which got 1.4 million view within a month.

In Kenya, 1,000 views generate Ksh 100 on average. Every month, she posts at least 5 videos which return more than 3 million views. The channels also has older videos which bring views daily.Cummulatively,her channel gets upwards of 3 million views monthly which translate to Ksh 400,000 and above in earnings.

The channels has 673,000 followers, implying that each video must get at least 50,000 views no matter what.

If Diana Bahati manages to post daily, she can easily make more than ksh3 million every month.