How Many Blog Posts before Traffic


How many posts before your blog start getting traffic? For organic traffic, you need at least 10 posts if your blog is new and for social media traffic, you need 1 post only. Every time I launch a new blog,I always post ten high quality articles before expecting them to rank. The articles must have more than 1,500 words each.

In order to start getting traffic, post articles with the following number of words:

1 article—5,000 words

2 articles—3,000 words each

3 articles—2,000 words each

4 articles—1,500 words each

The articles should be written and posted within a week of launching your website. Pause for one week to allow them to be indexed. You will be surprised that at least 2 of the 10 articles are ranked on page one of Google and will start giving you traffic. But ensure that each of the articles is 100% original and unique.

All your articles should bear long-tail keywords that will rank. To search for the best long-tail keywords, use a SEO tool by the name SEMrush. This tools allows you to use its features for free for at least 14 days. To sign up for free,click on this link

For social media traffic, even one article will get traffic but the bad thing is that the traffic will only be generated ones. When you create more and more articles and post them on social media, that’s when your blog will start getting direct traffic but on condition that the articles are unique, interesting and relevant to the readers.

One secret of ranking on page one of search engines for traffic is to write long articles which clearly explains every detail of a product you are covering. An article of 3,000 words is more likely to rank higher than one of 300 words. You should also master the exact words people type when they are searching for some information online—a tool like LongTail Pro will help to discover those words,click on this link to sign up for free

For those who have just created new blogs, ensure that they have long and original articles for them to start getting traffic. Wait for 2 weeks to 6 months for organic traffic to be regular.

Below is the amount of traffic you’ll get in relation to the number of articles:

10 articles—1 visit per day

100 articles—10 visits per day

1000 articles—100 visits per day

10,000 articles—1000 visits per day

100,000 articles—10,000 visits per day

1 million articles—100,000 visits per day.

The more articles you post, the higher the number of daily visits your blog will get.

If you are earning from AdSense, organic and direct traffic is the best. To get such traffic, your content must have titles which are clearly focusing on long-tail keywords. Direct traffic comes from the audience which already knows your blog, organic traffic comes from Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.