Facts You Need To Know About Cloudways Affiliate Program


There are several facts you need to know about Coudways affiliate program. Affiliate program is one of the best ways bloggers make money online. Cloudways is classified as one of the best affiliate programs related to web hosting business. A blogger can earn in excess of $10,000 every month from the program.

How to join Cloudways affiliate program.

Visit Cloudways website and click on Partnership, then affiliate (click here to access the affiliate website)

You will be directed to a window where you are required to fill in your details. Details required include your phone number, website, password and how to promote the business.

After registering, you will be required to activate the affiliate program by providing the phone number which you will receive a message for activation.

How to get promotional materials

Banners for all our applications and providers are available within the Affiliate Panel. We update the banners regularly to make sure they display the most recent Cloudways promotions.

How your commission will be approved

Your commission gets approved when the referred customer has upgraded the trial account AND have paid at least two invoices. If the referred customer is on trial and has not upgraded the account, you will receive no commissions for that referral.

When and how do I receive the payout?

Commission is paid on a monthly basis. In order to be eligible for a payout, you need to reach a minimum payment threshold of $250 in s approved commission payout. All commission is paid out via PayPal and Wire Transfer. You can also get funds transferred to your existing Cloudways account. Note that for funds transfer, the minimum threshold is $100.

How can I contact the Cloudways affiliate team?

The Cloudways affiliate team makes sure that all our affiliate marketers receive prompt response and that all blockers to the success of the affiliate partners are removed ASAP. Our dedicated affiliate managers are just a support ticket away. To lodge a ticket, send your requests to [email protected]

Cloudways Affiliate program offers flexible commission payout structure so that you can earn the way you want at your own pace:

Cloudways affiliate program structure

·         SLAB (up to $125/Sale).
– Best fit for performance marketers, publishers and bloggers or anyone who can refer customers consistently. Ideal for affiliate marketers interested in earning instant commissions.
·         Hybrid ($30 CPA + 7% recurring lifetime commission).
– Best fit for freelance dev, agencies, and consultants or anyone who can refer multiple and/or high spending customers. Ideal for affiliate marketers interested in earning a passive income.
It’s upon you to decide which structure suites you. But according to me, Hybrid structure is good because you’ll earn a lifetime commission of 7%. Assuming you have 100 customers and each pays $100 per month, you’ll be earning $700 every month. The more you accumulate the number of customers the better.

Finally,even if you don’t use Cloudways services, you can still join the affiliate program. Register here and start earning immediately.