How to earn more salary than your boss in UK and USA



If your boss is a manager in USA or Canada, it’s possible to earn more salary than him, only if you do as explained below

  1. Study for a more superior degree program than him

For you to earn more than your boss, you should study for a more superior degree program than him. If your boss holds MBA degree, enroll for a degree in Actuarial science, Medicine & Surgery, PhD in Finance, PhD in Economics or Software Engineering. Unless your boss is a CEO, there is no way, with time, he will earn more than you.

  1. Do consultancy services

Some companies outsource consultancy services, but if you can manage to double as an employee and a consultant, you will certainly manage to earn more than your boss.

Some of the best degree specializations that would be fit for consultancy include Actuarial Science, Auditing & Accounting, Medicine & Surgery, Human Resource Management, Software Engineering and Law.

Sometimes your company might be desperate to have someone with skills like you to be a consultant, if you offer yourself for the job, you will definitely be paid more than your boss.

  1. Buy company shares

Another easiest way to earn more than your boss is to buy company shares. This move will ensure you become part of the owners of the company you work for. Each year, you will earn dividend, which might push your salary past that of your boss.

  1. Outshine him

If you outshine your boss in terms of performance, chances are that you will take over from him and eventually earn more than him.

  1. Partner with the company owner

Another way of earning more than your boss is to partner with the company owner. This act will give you powers to earn as you wish.