How to Get Internships at Equity Bank



Internships are offered at Equity Bank, Kenya for university students and graduates. Sometimes it’s difficult to secure internship at this bank but through implementing what we are about to reveal, you will certainly land at the bank.

Equity Bank employs top students from Kenyan universities. It’s for this reason that average students find it hard to secure job opportunities at this bank. For you to get an internship opportunity, you must be a top performer in your college, such that when you are applying for a job, the employer won’t struggle to rate you. Equity bank, from its inception, has been considering students who score at least B+ in KCSE and a minimum Second Upper in college. If you scored these grades, chances of getting internship at this bank are very high.

The second thing to note is where and when to apply for internships at Equity Bank.As you are aware, the bank mostly employ in the month of January and mid year, so the best time to apply for internship is from the month of October through to December and also the month of February to April. You should also be aware that the bank takes hard copy applications more serious than applications sent through email. In this regard, you should drop your CV at Equity Bank headquarters in Nairobi…avoid dropping your CV at the branch.

Finally, the best justice you can do to yourself is ensure your CV and Cover Letter are neat.HR department at Equity Bank is strict. When they are shortlisting, they first select only CVs which are neat and presentable, leaving the poorly written ones rotting in the database.





  1. I hope that I will get the opportunity to serve Kenyans through Equity Bank, it has ever been my bank of choice