How to Grow Your Blog Traffic from 1,000 to 1 Million in One Month


Growing traffic for any blog is not a mean feat, you have to employ practical strategies, like searching for long-tail keywords that will easily rank on Google. An aggressive blogger will always aim to get over 1 million views per month. The best strategy to use is to look for high quality long-tail keywords that will earn you more than 10,000 visitors per article.

Nowadays, competition is stiff and it’s almost impossible to be ranked number one among thousands of blogs with similar content. But if you use an SEO tool that all tops bloggers are using, you’ll be shocked on how your traffic will rise from 1,000 page to 1 million page views per month. SEMrush is the best keyword search tool bloggers are using nowadays, the tool has a free trial plan for all new clients. To sign up for free,click on this link

Once you have registered for the free trial, SEMrush will make it possible for you to use their features for free for 14 days. During that time, you’ll be able to learn about content that is trending among your competitors and the best way to post similar content and beat them in ranking.

To achieve 1 million visitors per month, ensure that you post 10 high quality articles every day. If each article gets 2,000 page views, it means in a day, you’ll receive 20,000 page views from the fresh content. In a month, you’ll generate 300 articles which will generate over 1 million page views.

During that one month, SEMrush, which is the best SEO tool, will help you to come up with high quality long-tail keyword articles that will rank on page one of Google. To explore the keyword and learn how to use it,visit SEMrush website via this link

After one month, you will decide whether to stick with the tool or move to the next available tool, but given that most bloggers are using it, you’ll definitely stick with it for a long time.