How to Make 1000 naira daily in Nigeria


Making 1000 naira daily in Nigeria is not a hard task especially when you want to get money for basic needs. 1000 naira daily translates to 30,000 naira per month.

You can earn this money through offline or online. Here is how to make the cash.

  • Blogging

Blogging has become among the main hustles for Nigerian bloggers. Several Nigerians make over 1 million naira per month through blogging. The capital for starting a blog in Nigeria can be as low as 5,000 naira.

To start your own blog, first register a domain name, get hosting plan and design a website. Bluehost offers free domain registration—normally, it costs 1500 naira to buy a domain name. To get a free domain name,click on this link and visit Bluehost

Bluehost also offers cheap web hosting services for new clients. The cost of hosting per month is $2.95. After getting your new domain, proceed to pay for hosting and start blogging.

Most websites in Nigeria are built with WordPress.WordPress will get installed into your cPanel.All you need is to login as follows: .Domain names with .com extensions are more powerful than .ng

To start earning money from your blog, register with AdSense. But your account will only get approved after you’ve posted over 20 high quality articles. Make sure you read AdSense approval policies before sending your application for approval.

With AdSense, you need 5,000-10,000 daily visitors only in order to make over 1,000 naira daily.

You can also earn money from MGID which is one of the best AdSense alternatives. MGID works well when you own a blog that covers news, entertainment, gossip, lifestyle, sports or politics niches. Over 1,000 Nigerian bloggers are currently monetizing with MGID.To register,click on this link

There is no limit to the amount of money one can earn from blogging in Nigeria,your efforts will determine the level of income.

  • Bet on football matches

Betting is another way someone can earn over 1,000 naira per day in Nigeria. We even have professional gamblers earning above 10,000 naira daily. All you need is to pick a reliable betting site which you’ll stick to and earn consistently. One of the best betting sites in Nigeria is 22Bet, it gives new members 100% welcome bonus. To register and earn the bonus,click on this link

You just need 5-10 odds daily to earn over 1,000 nairas.

  • Run a YouTube channel

YouTube is a free platform for every Nigerian. You are required to post videos regularly in order to earn good income. To generate 1,000 naira per day, you need at least 10,000 views. With over 20,000 subscribers, you’ll easily achieve your target of 1000 nairas daily.

  • Get a job that pays over 1,000 Nairas per day

With a degree course, any job you get will pay you over 1,000 nairas per day. Some of them pay more than 10,000 nairas daily.

Below is a list of highest paying jobs in Nigeria

  1. Lawyer
  2. Medical doctor
  3. Pilot
  4. Electrical Engineer
  5. Civil Engineer
  6. Bank cashier
  7. Management position in any institution
  8. Political seats
  9. Pharmacis
  10. Sell products on Facebook

Facebook is an ideal platform where you can post items and earn money through your followers. There are Nigerians who believe in buying products online especially from reliable groups. Make sure that you deliver products ordered from you so as to gain trust. Some of the best products to sell include: smartphones, shoes and electronics. Your target is to sell only one product per day to make over 1,000 naira.

  • Start small profitable business

There are several small businesses you can start without even capital and make over 1000 naira daily. Here is a list of some of the best businesses to start in Nigeria with little capital:

  1. Quail Bird Farming.
  2. Catering Services(Indoor and Outdoor)
  3. Mobile food Vending.
  4. Computer Training Centre.
  5. Computer Repair and Accessories Sales.
  6. Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs.
  7. Rental Services
  8. Freelance writing
  9. Scrape metal selling
  10. Ice scream production
  11. Barber shop
  12. Salon
  13. Cake baking business
  14. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not fully exploited. In affiliate marketing, you earn commissions for every sale you make. Online shops, betting companies and web hosting providers are some of the sectors offering affiliate marketing opportunities.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need a niche site .The capital for starting a niche site is 10,00 naira.If you need one,follow this link to register a new domain at Bluehost

  • Invest in Unit Trusts/fixed deposit account

You will also be assured of earning over 100 naira daily by investing in unit trusts or fixed deposit accounts.The capital required is over 1 million naira.This money is not subjected to any risk.