How to make money as a Teenager in Kenya


As a teenager, there are many ways you can make money in Kenya. Online platforms provide the best opportunity especially for teenagers who want to start their career working online. Even offline, there are plenty of chances to make money as a teenager.

Here are ways you can make money as a teenager in Kenya:

  • Rent out your bicycle to other teenagers

There are other teenagers who would want to ride a bicycle but their parents won’t afford. If you have one, rent it out to other teenagers and make money. You can charge Ksh20 to Ksh50 per day.

  • Bet on football matches

Identify a good betting site which you’ll use to bet on football matches. You only need a phone to start making money. One of the best betting sites is 22Bet,it gives up to Ksh 15,000 welcome bonus.To bet,click here and register for free

You can make more than Ksh1,000 on daily basis with a capital of just Ksh100

  • Rent out your PlayStation

Tell your parent to buy for you a PlayStation, then charge your neighbors and other children when they play the game. But you should not take it out of your home because you may be asked to produce a license.

PlayStation can fetch for you more than Ksh1,000 daily.

  • Run a YouTube channel

Another good way of generating money as a teenager is by running a YouTube channel. There are so many teenagers running successful YouTube channel and making a lot of money. The good thing is that YouTube allows even those below age 18 to run YouTube channels.

  • Become a blogger

Another good way to make money is by blogging. Create your own blog, start posting content and apply to monetize your traffic with AdSense. As a teenager, you can make more than Ksh100,000 every month by just blogging. To start your own blog, spend Ksh 5,000 to Ksh10,000 only. You can even tell your parent to create one for you.

A blog needs a domain name, hosting space and a website. The best place to get all these is from Bluehost,click here to visit Bluehost and register one

 Thousands of bloggers started blogging while in school, they ended up blogging full time.

  • Start rearing chicken

If you have space in your compound, get some chicken and keep them to sell later. Within a year or two, you will start earning crazy money by selling eggs and chicken. Kienyeji chicken are the most profitable but they take long to mature. The best thing is that they aren’t so involving in terms of labour. Even when you are in school, your siblings can take care of the chicken.

  • Do farming

Grow sugarcane, cabbages, tomatoes, Sukuma wiki and other crops even when you are schooling. Even primary school going children can do farming and make money for school fees.

If you are still in school, plant things like sugar cane, mangoes, bananas, trees and avocado that take long to mature.

  • Sell toys to other teenagers.

Teenagers love toys, they go all the way to supermarkets to buy them. Go to markets like Gikomba, buy toys and sell in your estate during holidays.

  • Do cleaning jobs

Cleaning jobs can be done by teenagers especially during holidays. There are people who prefer to clean their cars at home, others hire people to clean their houses. These are jobs a teenager can do.

  • Do hawking during holidays

Nobody will ask whether you have an ID when hawking goods within the town. To start the business, you need just Ksh 1,000. Some of the things to hawk include: sweets, biscuits, drinking water, njugu and juice. Most of your customers will be fellow teenagers.

  • Buy shaving machine and shave other teenagers

It’s not a must to rent a house for a Kinyozi in order to make money.Use your savings to buy a shaving machine and start shaving other teenagers cheaply.While kinyozi charge as high as ksh100,you can charge Ksh15 only per head.With time,you’ll win all the teenagers to your side.