How to Make Money Online in India 2020


This year,2020, there are several ways one can make money online in India especially when they are exposed to the internet and a smartphone. Working online exposes you to many ideas, which will even help in setting up offline businesses. However, in order to be successful, you need to manage your time efficiently and identify the most profitable online business to pursue. In this article, we shall list some of the most common online businesses that have benefitted many Indian financially and intellectually and guide you on how to pursue some.

  • Blogging

When thinking of viable online businesses, don’t bypass blogging. This is one business you should always think of starting. Owning a blog is a powerful thing because your opinion will matter to many. As a blogger, you’ll earn millions of dollars as you express yourself.

To become a blogger in India, you have to register a domain name, buy hosting space, create a website and look for ways of earning money.You need a capital of $30 to $300 for creating a blog.First,click on this link to register a domain name and get hosting space The hosting company will charge you less than $50 for both. After buying hosting space, link your domain with WordPress. As a blogger, you require a Premium WordPress theme which are sold by Themeforest. Never make a mistake to use a free theme because they aren’t SEO friendly.To get a premium theme,click on this link

How beginners make money from their blogs

Once you create a blog, you need to find ways of earning money from it.For begginers,it’s hard to sell courses or market affiliate programs. The most popular way to earn money is through AdSense. In order to get approved by AdSense, make sure your blog observes the following:

—It should contain unique and original content

—Avoid health niche, AdSense does not approve health related blogs anymore

—-All your posts must have at least 500 words each

—-At least 2 of your blog posts should have more than 2,000 words each

—-Do not use copyrighted images, if possible, take your own images

—-Blog on unique niches like software, Engineering, environment and agriculture. Your account will stand a better chance of being approved

—You should use a high level domain name on your blog, if possible buy a .com domain from Bluehost,click here to buy

—Apply when your site is at least 3 weeks old.

Use a Premium WordPress template,click here to get one from Themeforest

As a beginner, you will also make money from MGID.This program is excellent for entertainment, gossip and news sites. Approval is much easier compared to AdSense. Once your blog hits 200 daily visitors, apply for approval.

The third one is Mediavane.This one is ideal for blogs that receive most of its traffic from USA.If most of your traffic is from India, don’t apply for Mediavane.The good thing about Mediavane is that it pays more than AdSense and MGID.

Another way to earn as a blogger is through This platform is not as strict as AdSense or Mediavane but it’s only excellent for entertainment sites. As long as your site attracts more than 10,000 visitors per month, will approve it.

The amount of money you’ll earn in India as a blogger

You will earn from zero to $100,000 based on the strategies you put in place and the amount of traffic your blog earns. Here is a list of some of the highest paid bloggers in India:

  1. Harsh Agarwal.
  2. Shraddha Sharma.
  3. Malini Agarwal.
  4. Faisal Farooqui.
  5. Srinivas tamada.
  6. Varun Krishnan.
  7. Arun Prabhudesai.
  8. Ashish Sinha.

These bloggers earn up to $200,000 every month from blogging.

  • Earn from affiliate marketing

Almost all the top bloggers in India make money from affiliate marketing. AdSense in India does not pay as good as affiliate marketing, which is why bloggers switch to affiliate marketing at some point in time. For beginners it’s okay to monetize from AdSense but for experienced bloggers, affiliate marketing is the best strategy to monetize with.

Affiliate marketing only pays when you make a sale, but the commissions are decent. Some of the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing in India are;

  1. Forex
  2. Web Hosting
  3. E-Commerce
  4. SEO
  5. Dating

Bluehost is one of the best Web Hosting affiliate program to join in India,click here to join if you are interested .Most bloggers are also making money from amazon and SEO tools like SEMrush.

In order to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you have to create a niche blog where you post articles related to the products you are marketing. Coming up with a niche blog will cost you a fortune of at least $100.To get started,follow this link

  • Sell Books online

Another way of making money online in India is through selling of books online. You can do so on Amazon or create your own website where you sell them. The books can be those written by you or academic notes. People who are pursuing professional courses like CPA, ACCA, CFA and CFE would be happy to find where to buy them online. If you provide a single platform that sells those notes, you’ll make a lot of money.

To succeed in selling books online, identify subjects which are on high demand, sample questions and answers, package them well and sell them in PDF format.

Amazon also provides a good platform where you can sell your published books. List your book in the online store and get people buying them.

  • Become a YouTuber

YouTubers are rich people, some of them earning upwards of $1billion per year. To become a YouTuber is India, you require a channel, which is created for free, then a way to earn money from it.To create a YouTube channel takes less than 2 minutes. After creating one, start making videos and uploading them on the channel—you should ensure that the videos are unique and original.

The most popular way of earning money from YouTube is through AdSense. To get approved to the platform, you must meet the following conditions:

 –Your channel must be at least 12 months old

—Your videos must have more than 4,000 hours of watch time

—Your videos must not contain adult or vulgar content

–Your videos should be in English

—Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers

YouTubers in India earn $1 to $2 per 1,000 views. Those with more than 100,000 subscribers make over $1000 monthly depending on the number of videos they upload on YouTube. Your aim as a YouTuber is to get as many subscribers as possible and create videos that excite your subscribers.

  • Create an e-commerce website

An e-commerce website like Alibaba and Amazon will provide a way of creating wealth that will help your generations. The website will sell gadgets, beddings, electronics, foodstuffs and other products which are in high demand in India. To come up with an e-commerce site in India, the capital required is $100 to $10,000.

To begin with, look for a good name for your business, then register the name. Choose the best web hosting company for your business, I suggest you go for Bluehost because it’s the one that is known for hosting e-commerce websites,click here to visit Bluehost website

In the website, there is WooCommerce plan that specifically hosts e-commerce websites—that’s the one to choose. The company also registers domains—you need a domain for your business.

When you own an e-commerce website, you can sell your own products or market products for other merchants. Those merchants advertising on your website will pay you monthly, weekly or annually.

  • Become an online consultant

You can become an online consultant of many areas like SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and Web design. Create social media pages, YouTube channel or a website where you promote your skills.

  • Become an Influencer

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are three areas which influencers use to make money. Marketers use influencers to push products online, especially when they are launching new products. All those individuals with millions of followers online secure adverts from major companies.

Create your own social media pages and get followers by posting unique and entertaining content. Once your pages gain millions of followers, companies will approach you for advertisements.

With millions followers, you’ll charge at least $1,000 per advert.

  • Sell products on Facebook

If you have clothes, shoes, electronic products, bedsheets and other products that are marketable, sell them on Facebook. You need a popular Facebook page with over 20,000 followers to start selling. In the beginning, sponsor your content on Facebook to gain followers and make sales. When the number of followers surpass 20,000, you will get more organic followers if your items are good.

  • Participate in paid surveys

Nowadays most companies conduct surveys online. Ever since they discovered that most people don’t want to participate in surveys for free, they introduced payment for each survey they conduct. Those companies do not have specific people they interview; they get random people who register on their websites.

Here is a list of some of the most popular paid survey companies in India:

  1. Toluna.
  2. iPanelOnline.
  3. Swagbucks.
  4. Cashcrate.
  5. TellyPulse(StarPanel)
  6. The Panel Station
  7. OpinionBureau
  8. Mobrog
  9. Awwro
  10. Triaba

Most of the survey companies pay by PayPal or Wire Transfer. Participants are paid each time they complete a survey.

  • Academic writing

University and college students do not have time or skills to do data entry and analysis, they also need proposals and academic projects for them to graduate. Such work can be performed online by any Indian with skills in project writing and data analysis. Your only challenge it to come up with platforms where you advertise your skills. Create a blog and social media pages where you will be promoting your services. There are also several online companies that offer academic writing jobs, like Upward—register with one and get paid by completing tasks online.

  • Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant moderate comments, they reply to emails, post on Facebook pages of their clients, they promote products online, perform data entry jobs and several other duties. Companies like Upwork provide such opportunities. You can also offer yourself as a freelancer where those in need of the services can contact you urgently.

  • Submit Guest Posts

Identify popular blogs and bloggers and submit guest posts, some of them will pay you. There are blogs which accept well written articles from other bloggers. In order to get paid, you have to create original and interesting content.

  • Sell your photos online

If you have photos and videos you wish to make money with, sell them online. Companies like Shutterstock purchase photos from individuals and sell to various clients. If you can’t sell them to such companies, create your online platforms where those intending to buy can meet you.

  • Buy and sell Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has become popular among those who like to take risks online. Initially, people dismissed the coins but later embraced them after realizing that it’s legit business. One can buy one Bitcoin for $6,000 and sell the same for $15,000 after one week.

Bitcoin business is very profitable especially when one has enough capital to buy from genuine traders. One thing you should be careful of is not to buy from scammers—there are thousands of scammers online. Ensure that you read reviews for various Bitcoin companies to determine the most genuine companies.

  • Forex Trading

Forex Trading can easily make you a millionaire if you understand how world currencies are being traded. Before you start forex trading, first get to know the dynamics of this business, practice with the demo platforms to gain experience. The capital required is at least $500.

The reality of the matter is that you can make even $20,000 overnight when you get the trends right. However, making losses is also experienced.

Forex Trading does not need someone who isn’t ready to take risks.

  • Buy and sell domains

Buy domains from companies like Bluehost and sell them later to interested companies. One domain will cost you something like $10 but you’ll sell the same for more than $1,000 within a year. Assuming that you spend $1,000 to buy 100 domains, you’ll sell them at a cumulative profit of more than $10,000

You need a website which is known for selling domains. To start this business, visit Bluehost and buy cheap domains,click here to buy one

  • Develop websites and sell at a higher price

Many bloggers know the pain of starting a website from scratch—it takes up to 2 years for a new website to start getting traffic. To start a new website, you need a capital of about $50 but once you develop it, you can sell the same for more than $500 within a year. Develop as many websites as possible and sell at an appropriate time

  • Develop online course and sell on Udemy

If you are an expert in a certain area, develop marketable courses and sell them online. You can sell the courses on social media, through your blog or list them on Udemy and Coursera.People will buy them online and you get paid for each purchase made.

A number of popular bloggers like Pat Flynn have their own courses which they sell online.

  • Become an SEO expert

For those with in-depth experience in blogging can become SEO experts and advise other bloggers on how to grow their blogs. In addition, create SEO courses and a tool which companies will use to improve on their blogs’ SEO.

  • Do Web Design

Web Design will also help you make money online by developing websites for companies. I know the competition is stiff, but that shows web design is the best business to do online. Most web design companies charge up to $1500 to design a single website, which is good money for someone like you.

  • Drop Shipping

Drop shipping involves identifying an item in a shop, promoting it and when someone purchases through your website, the shop selling it delivered the same. Your work is to sell something that you don’t own but earn a commission in the process.

Create a website, something like an e-commerce site where you will place the items together with their prices. When someone makes an order, contact the seller to deliver it, then pay the seller the exact amount they are selling, pocket the difference.

  • Play casino

You can also make money online by playing casino. Though this is a risk venture, one can become an instant millionaire.

  • Start a job portal

Another business which can be done online is one involves HR services like recruitment, designing CVs and cover letters for clients and advertising of jobs. Companies will pay you when advertising vacancies on your website.